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Who we are!

At Lemoge, we know what it takes to leave our clients feeling radiant, beautiful and rejuvenated.

With over 17 years of experience we work tirelessly for our clients and aim to provide the best beauty experience possible. Our entire team are experienced professionals whom are well trained and invested in the latest beauty techniques and skills.

We believe that every woman deserves the right to feel beautiful. We believe that every woman deserves to feel like a goddess. And that is why we offer a full array of services all designed to pamper and spoil our clients.

Be sure to get in contact for further details on how we can help you show off your natural beauty.

Come to Lemoge clinic for aromatherapy & Swedish massage treatments alongside your cosmetic and beauty needs.


We are professional

We take the Right-Touch principal very seriously and use it as a guideline for everything we do.


Lux Cosmetic

We offer luxury skincare services and products. This includes clinically proven advanced skincare for timeless, youthful, healthy, glowing & beautiful skin.


Medical Education

Our staff of knowledgeable and experienced GMC registered doctors are here to assist your cosmetic needs


The Newest Equipment

Here at Lemoge we have invested heavily in the latest equipment and techniques to ensure we deliver the best service which our valued clients deserve. 

Our Diploma & Certification


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We offer a comprehensive range of beauty treatments, LASER treatment services (hair removal, rejuvenation, problem pigmentation, scarring), massage, slimming as well as hair styling services. Our therapists will ensure you are left feeling revived, rejuvenated and pampered.

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