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Laser Hair Removal

Long term solution to unwanted hair



Using the latest in LASER hair removal technology, Lemoge clinic offers effective, pain-less, long-lasting results. The candela ndYAG medical grade LASER will effectively treat any skin COLOUR, men & women, any AREA.

How does Laser work?

Hair grows from follicles in the dermal layer of the skin. Laser light targets the melanin in the hair shaft in the follicles and destroys it.


Is it safe?

It has been used for several years, without long-term adverse effects.

Is it painful? Most people feel a slight warmth or tingling.


Is laser right for me?

You will need a consultation. The darker the hair, the more effective the outcome. It does not work on grey/white hair. We treatlightand dark skin colours.


How many treatments do I need?

Everybody is different, however the more sessions you have the more effective the results will be. Hair grows in cycles, therefore most people need to have 3-6 treatments at  2-6 week intervals.

What other conditions can LASER treat?

Our modern class IV LASER can effectively treat numerous conditions such as skin tags, red veins, acne, ageing, acne, scarring, unwanted tattoos.

For more information go to Dr Abbas Laser Clinic.

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