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LPG Lipomassage

Body Sculpting (Reduce Cellulite & Tone)

Helps Release Fat and Firm whereever you want!

Slimming cellular stimulation LIPOMASSAGE is scientifically proven technique to help reduce cellulite and stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting.

LIPOMASSAGE is a 100% natural slimming technique
  • Mobilizes the skin down to its deepest layer
  • Stimulates local metabolism
  • Promotes fat breakdown
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How lipomassage works?

Everyone from time to time gets stuck with stubborn fat tissue that for whatever reason just will not shift. You can have the strictest of diets and exercise every single day and yet still be cut down with a bit of fat that just will not move. That is where Lipomassage comes in. Lipomassage is natural and has been proven by scientists to provide a lasting solution for not only fat reduction, but to help show off a slimmer figure too. Our treatment offering in LPG is based in particular on a recent scientific study conducted by Professor Lafontan. Using our latest LPG machines, we are able to stimulate the apipocytes to activate lipolysis. Due to this discovery, we can help you to shift that unwanted, stubborn fat leaving you to show off your body as you well and truly should! This exclusive LPG technique is a major breakthrough in Endermologie. It is based particularly on a recent scientific study, conducted by Professor Lafontan (Inserm, Toulouse).

The study shows that Lipomassage through the latest generation LPG machines’ features (Roll’In, Roll’Up, Roll’Out) stimulates adipocytes via their receptors to activate lipolysis. Emerging from this discovery are new, more efficient protocols with more targeted methodology for faster results.


  • Reduce localized, excess fat
  • Remove the dimpling aspect of cellulite
  • Resculpt the buttock folds
  • Smooth contours
  • Restore skin elasticity
  • Slim figure


We use the latest LPG Endermologie technology as very effective way to reduce the dimpling effect produced by cellulite. This is done by massaging the affected part of the body and applying suction to create a vacuum that loosens and releases excess fat cells. The skin also becomes smoother and firmer by stimulating Collagen and Elasticin.


  • Arms (Tighten and tone flabby arms)
  • Tummy (women) (Restore pre-pregnancy tightness and reduce loose, sagging skin.)
  • Tummy (men) (Remove diet and exercise resistant fat for defined abs)
  • The buttocks (Sculpt, smooth and uplift while reducing excess fat)
  • Saddle bags (Reshape and slim disproportionate figures)
  • Thighs (Streamline contour and smooth cellulite)
  • Love handles (Slim and eliminate fat bulges. Eliminate excess fat and firm skin)


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