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laser treatments

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ND YAG Laser for DARK skin (Asian/African) IPL & Alexandrite laser for LIGHT skin Color

£10 patch test cost will be deducted from your first treatment

The more treatments Thinner the hair & less the quantity


Typically one course of treatment sessions results in up to 80% reduction in hair thickness and density.

The LASER light targets the hair follicle and destroys it.
It targets all hair type, thickness and colour, except grey or white hair.
The darker the hair the more effective the treatment.

It has been used for many years without long term adverse effects.

Most patients feel nothing more than slight warmth or tingling.

This depends on your skin colour. You will need to come for a consultation but generally, Alexandrite Laser is used for for Lighter skin colour and NdYag Laser for more tanned, darker skin colour.
We are one of the very few clinics that offers laser treatment for dark/afrocaribbean skin.

This depends on you. After each treatment the hair will reduce in quantity and quality. So it becomes less and finer.
Most patients notice a significant reduction after 3 consecutive treatments.
Most patients require 3-6 treatments, at an interval of two to six weeks.
However ultimately it depends on you. Hair grows in cycles, and its growth is influenced by many factors: weight, age, metabolism, hormonal activity and medication. Considering these factors it is difficult to predict how many treatments each individual will need.

  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Ecolite
  • Alexandrite Laser for Light Caucasian, Asian skin
  • NdYag Laser for Dark Asian, Afrocaribbean skin


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We offer a comprehensive range of beauty treatments, LASER treatment services (hair removal, rejuvenation, problem pigmentation, scarring), massage, slimming as well as hair styling services. Our therapists will ensure you are left feeling revived, rejuvenated and pampered.

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